Option 4: Oasis Dwellers

Read the information below and write your response in the comments section at the bottow of this page.

Oasis dwellers live an incredibly unique life. Over the centuries, families of farmers in the Sahara Desert have scooped out areas of sand, from the size of a small village to the size of a large city. Here, they work very hard and use ancient skills to help the roots of their crops reach underground water. They must constantly remove sand that is blow into the oasis on a daily basis. The sand can smother the precious crops of dates, barley, and vegetables.

Since oases are so far apart, and the land between them is brutal, the farmers and their families might never leave their own small patch of land.

Think about what life as an oasis dweller might be like.

Write a short diary entry describing your typical day as an oasis dweller.

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